Sunday, December 8, 2013

Maybelline Brocades in Lavishly Lilac

Hello All!

I know it has been a LONG time, but it will continue in this way for some time, due to rotations…. (Check my Tumblr for time to time swatches) Sneaking and uploading this while studying as we speak, but had to because this is a gorgeous polish.  This is Maybelline Brocades Lavishly Lilac, a limited edition multi-faceted glitter.  Purple glitter base, with heavy gold shimmer, with blue, green, and red micro glitter throughout with purple hex glitter.  Needless to say I have a back up.  This is three coats. 

Out of the four I've tried so far from this collection this is my favorite.  These do chip pretty fast though (one as quickly as six hours later)- but, they're so pretty I will still wear them. One day I will post more of these fabulous beauties… Until then, I'm off to study for my surgery rotation exam on Friday- this baby will be off tonight in favor of my naked nubs.  Wish me luck!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Been Crazy Busy With Life.....

I know I've been MIA for at least a month on here, and I want to apologize. Life has been so ridiculous for me- I began rotations for medical school again, I graduated with my Master's in Public Health (yay!) and trying to juggle a full 50+ hour week with studying and taking care of a two-year old has been crazy! My nails also went through total annihilation-(Duri Rejuvacote is not for me.) I plan to do some swatching next weekend after my shelf exam for Family Medicine on Friday- wish me luck! I do miss posting, and am sated by the quick glances I get of conversations on Makeup Alley's nail board- If any of you go there, I'm adina92484, and feel free to say hello!  Otherwise, I'll talk to you guys soon, love and nail polish!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

L.A. Girl 3D Effects Coral Holo

Hello All,

Taking a moment to procrastinate in continuing on my main two projects before a real vacation, by showing you my NOTD, L.A. Girl's 3D Holographic polish in Coral, from a great little collection they put out this spring with seven "holographic"shades- I pause when calling them holographic- they are weakly holographic, but they are definitely sparkly!  I picked up a few of them from a Rite-Aid when visiting my husband's base, and they are popular- most of the display was gone.  I was itching to wear this one because I am on a orange/coral kick at the moment.  Coral holo has a jelly squishy consistency- it does build up with about three coats, but I wanted a little more color punch so I used a coat of Sally Hansen Salon Nasturtium, a subdued coral orange cream, and then two coats of the darker L.A. Girls 3D Holographic Coral (what a mouthful).  I then sealed it off with Seche Vite.  Both pictures below are taken in the sun.  

If you are interested in this shade or any others in the line check out your local Rite-Aid, or if you're like me and live where there is no Rite Aid in site, try Cherry Culture. Well that's enough procrastinating on my end, Enjoy your day!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chaos and Crocodiles Starberry Shortcake

Hello All,

I've been missing for some time- I apologize school has overtaken my life- I had finals, then I started taking my last class for my masters- logistic regression (think high order statistics) given in 3.5 weeks- it was brutal.  I passed however, and will be getting my master's in August! I have a few weeks off, then back to medical school- yes, it NEVER ends- but seriously, I'll be an MD/MPH in 2015.  I have been painting my nails sporadically, and haven't had time to take photos, but I wanted to share this pretty I wore a few days, Starberry Shortcake by Chaos and Crocodiles.

Starberry Shortcake is a magenta jelly, chocked full of glitter, holographic stars, and moons- love at first sight for me. It's opaque on its own at three coats, but I paired it with HUE Dayglow as undies ( a bright magenta creme) to really make it pop. Shown is a coat of HUE Dayglow, two coats of Starberry Shortcake, a coat of Gelous, and a coat of Seche Vite. I took the pics outdoors.    

Starberry Shortcake is currently not in stock at the Chaos and Crocodiles Etsy or new internet store, but I would stalk from time to time anyways- the creations are gorgeous! Have a great day :)


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nail Pattern Boldness Bigger On the Inside

Afternoon All,

Quick post because I need to be studying (fail), but I really wanted to post this even during my posting funk.  I have been wearing blues all month for autism awareness, which is great.  I love the idea of spreading awareness, blue is my favorite color besides purple, and it's the color of my birthstone, so easy peasy for me to go through my serious untrieds section of blues.  Today's NOTD is Nail Pattern Boldness's Bigger on the Inside from the Time Traveler Collection.  It's a royal blue jelly with silver sparkles throughout.  It's actually not this bright, think Revlon Royal, but it's a stunner nonetheless.  This is two coats with topcoat.  It's got the Starry Starry night quality all those lemming a certain Essie shade from the antebellum (lol) will enjoy. 

Enjoy the day! Back to studying...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pretty & Polished: How do you spell Chanukkah?

Hello All,

I know, its been forever. However a lot has happened since my last post.  I have been wearing nail polish, I've just been a in posting funk.  I got in a car accident and my car was totaled- don't worry, the Lovebug and I are safe and sound and up and driving again, but school has been a whirlwind, and I'm swamped.  Plus I'm pretty sure not many read these post anyways, but just for old time's sake here goes.

This is three coats of Pretty&Polished How do you spell Chanukkah? from her limited edition winter collection of 2012.  It's a light blue creme with various blue, white, and yellow glitters, along with pearlescent white hexagon glitter.  I inverted my bottle to get more of the large hexes out- more made it on my non-swatching hand.  You also have to be careful to allow the coats to dry or risk dragging the large glitter around the nail.  I topped it with Color Club's 60 second top coat and was out the door.  

Well, that's all I have for now, I don't know if I'll have any time soon to do more collections or swatch appropriately, but I hope you enjoy for now.  Goodnight :)

PS: for those of you interested in this shade, go to, there may still be some left!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lime Crime Desserts D'Antoinette Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone,

Well unfortunately this will be my last post for a few days- my nails decided to go on a break-fest and ruined my plans for swatching this weekend- I envy you people with strong amazing nails... Anyway, here is the last collection I swatched, pretty pastels from Lime Crime I purchased last summer.  This collection is Desserts D'Antoinette, and are every bit as rich as their names.

Crema De Limon is a pastel yellow.  It actually is brighter than the picture shows, think more like China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.  This is three coats.

 Pastelchio.  I love this green. This too photographed less vibrant than it is in real life- it has almost a neon quality to it in person.  This was two coats. 

Peaches N Creme was a bright peach pastel nightmare.  Pretty color but sheer and streaky.  This was four coats.

Once in a Blue Mousse is a perfect light blue pastel creme. I really enjoyed this color on me, and plan to wear it again soon.  This was three coats.

Parfait Day- This is the epitome of pastel Barbie Pink.  I was wearing in Panera and the girl at the register exclaimed that she loved it and asked what color it was.  I was more than happy to oblige :)  This is three coats.

 Lavendairy is a pastel, obviously Lavender, with more pinkish red tones than blue tones in it.  I really like it, however I am more partial to lavenders that have a bit more blue in them.  Two coats.

Milky Ways is an off white creme, and instead of just swatching it alone, I decided to make a dotticure with all the other colors from an idea originally posted by Jen of The Nail Polish Project.  I was pretty happy with the result.  Milky Ways reached opacity with two coats.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I am going to begin using Duri Rejuvacote as a base in my never-ending quest for the best nail strengthener for my nails and will be back soon!